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Essential Solution

$350.00 AUD

(Plus applicable taxes)

The Essential Solution Package is ideal for anyone who has a clear vision of their dream kitchen and require professional drawings to bring their ideas to life. With this service, you'll receive detailed documentation that can be shared with your cabinet maker or used to order cabinets through a flat-pack service.
The professional documentation includes the following:

  • Floor Plan: A detailed layout of your kitchen, including the position of walls, windows, and doors.
  • A detailed layout of your kitchen, including the position of walls, windows, and doors.
  • Elevations: Drawings that show the vertical view of the kitchen, including the placement of cabinets, appliances, and fixtures.
  • 3D Renders: Visual representations of your kitchen design, allowing you to see how the finished product will look from different angles.
  • Section Detail (as required): Detailed drawings of specific parts of your kitchen to ensure precise execution during installation.

To ensure you're completely satisfied, I gather information through a questionnaire that helpme to understand your needs and preferences. We'll also have a discussion either by phone, email, or direct message, to go over the details of your project.
If you have architectural drawings, I can work with those, or if you prefer to provide basic hand-drawn sketches, I can work with these as well.
It's important to note that our Essential Solution Package does not include any design work but does include 3D Visualisation Images.
If there are any design elements that won't work, I'll let you know and work with you to make any necessary changes.
My goal is to provide you with accurate and professional documentation, so you can confidently bring your kitchen design to life.